EPISODE 12: Vetting the Road: Riding the Track

WITH Brady Walker, Classic Track Day, and Zeb Armstrong, Riverfront MX


Welcome back riders, on today’s episode of the Reserve Tank we’re covering the ground for Track Days and how they can help you become a better rider. We’re joined by two guys who really like motorcycles, Brady Walker with Brady Walker Events and Classic Track Days at Willow Springs, and Zeb Armstrong, a previous pro-Supercross racer and owner of Riverfront MX and REP Racing.


Listen in as Brady and Zeb ease your concerns about doing a track day, whether you're a seasoned rider or a newbie, as well as, the benefits you can takeaway from the track.


Brady and Zeb put their reputations as track organizers on the line to play another round of the Reserve Tank Rapid-Fire This or That game.


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*Some adult language marks this episode as "explicit".

"The only reason I went to these track days was because I was driving to Barber, or Michigan, or Road America with my race bike and I had nowhere else to test and tune it. And I'm showing up at Fontana with an SR 500 and all of these mohawk, redbull-slurring, crazy-maniacs are loking at me like, 'You're in the wrong place.' And I'm like, 'No I'm not. I'm here to test and tune, I'm here to rock-n-roll, let's go. And so I think that's what we do a lot more of. We do try to make it as light as possible and remind everyone, unlike other track days, our riders are not here to go out and win the national championship of the world."

- Brady Walker, Brady Walker Events


Zeb Armstrong

Owner of Riverfront MX & REP Racing

Brady Walker

Brady Walker Events & Classic Track Days