WITH Alex Chacón of The Modern Motorcycle Diaries


Welcome everyone to another banger episode of the Reserve Tank presented by Progressive. Today, we’re sitting down with Alex Chacón of Modern Motorcycle Diaries and one the most followed Adventure Travel Riders across social media to talk about what inspired him to get into Adventure Motorcycling, the unexpected challenges it can bring, and what makes it all worth it at the end of the day. We’ll also be doing another round of our Rapid Fire This or That game asking Alex the questions you, our listeners, really want to know.


Special thanks to Alex Chacón for joining us on the Reserve Tank! Be sure to follow Alex on his YouTubeInstagram, and Facebook to check out his latest videos and incredible photos from his travels.

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"I'm always a true believer on, you know, you don't have to have the most incredible, best gear to really get an adventure started or do something that you want to in life, because I've noticed a lot of us are held back by material posessions by thinkging that we're not ready, and by just waiting around saying, 'one day I'll do it'."

- Alex Chacón of Modern Motorcycle Diaries


Alex Chacón

Modern Motorcycle Diaries

Greetings internet viewer! My name is Alex, back in 2012, I graduated from the University of Texas; I took a break from medical school, sold all my belongings and drove my motorcycle from Alaska to Argentina and back in 500 days on an Epic Travel Adventure for Charity.​ Since then I've conquered over +50 Countries, +80 Border Crossings on 5 Continents backpacking, flying, hitchhiking and even riding over +250,000 Km across +75 Borders by motorbike.  I am a Videographer, Photographer, Inspirational Speaker, Blogger and Vlogger. I am the #1 Ranked Adventure Travel Rider on social media, took the most Epic Selfie of 2014 according to CBS News, and was Google's 11th most searched name/trend in 2014. People also say I've created and popularized trends that have shaped an entire generation like the Dronie and 360 Selfie.