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Inside the Garage is taking you on a never-before-seen tour of some of Marcelo Doffo's prized motorcycles. From the Barrell Room to Marcelo's private collection, he and his son, Damian, introduce us to the MotoDoffo motorcycles' rich histories and intimate details.


Marcelo shares with us the stories behind the personal dedications to some of his custom builds in his exclusive private collection, his makeshift tank cleaner that he's generously allowed us to copy, and more.



  • 15 acres of vineyards in Temecula, CA
  • Over 220 motorcycles and scooters spanning eight decades from manufacturers like Ducati, Moto Guzzi, Gilera, Honda, CZ, Vespa, and more.



1965 Bultaco TSS 125cc

  • Just 51 were produced between ’65 and ’66


1962 Vicentina Sport 125cc

  • A custom build in remembrance of Marcelo's first motorcycle


1959 Ducati 175 Formula 3 & 1959 Ducati 125 Formula 3 

  • Production of Formula 3 models was limited, amounting to fewer than 100


1958 Ducati 125cc GP R

  • Marcelo's custom replica


1954 Ducati GS Mariana 125cc

  • The Gran Sport was incredibly successful between 1955 and 1958. Even after it was replaced by the F3, many riders in Italy continued to campaign the Gran Sport.


1947 Gilera Saturno

  • The engine was capable of putting out 35 to 40 hp, driving to speeds of 115 mph. 


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"The whole concept was wine meet art, meet moto, and so we created MotoDoffo Collection which is exactly that: wine, art, moto all wrapped in together." - Damian Doffo, MotoDoffo



Drawing on their motorcycle racing roots, the Doffo Family created MotoDoffo Wines to pay tribute to their heritage as motorcycle collectors, restorers, racers, and enthusiasts. Each year MotoDoffo produces four limited releases of unique red blends, with original artwork commissioned from notable motorsports artists. The MotoBarrel Room at Doffo Winery houses barrels of aging wine and is also home to the MotoDoffo Collection, made up of more than 200 rare and vintage motorcycles and scooters. #WineArtMoto