SEASON 2, EPISODE 1: Maintaining Dealer & Retailer Growth

WITH Todd Baldwin, GM of Coyne Powersports, & Chris Sackett, President of Fasthouse


In the first episode of Season 2 of Centerstand, host Robert Pandya speaks with Todd Baldwin, GM of Coyne Powersports, and Chris Sackett, President of Fasthouse, to discuss the challenges dealers and retailers faced amid-pandemic and how they are responding to continue industry growth.

“I don’t have a youth vehicle on my showroom floor. Once a unit comes in, we post it online. The rate that inventory turns is not gauged by 30-60 days [in this category], its gauged by 72 hours. It’s a good opportunity for the industry to offer a good selling experience. We do quite a bit of sales training here at the dealership to make sure there’s a good experience to nurture and retain youth enthusiasts.”


– Todd Baldwin, GM of Coyne Powersports, in response to current opportunities facing the dealership today.



GM of Coyne Powersports

Todd A. Baldwin is an experienced powersports sales professional with decades of sales success managing some of the most powerful powersports dealerships in Southern California. Todd recently partnered with Marty & Travis Coyne as the General Manager of their all-new powersports dealership, Coyne Powersports located in Banning CA. Todd has a long history of racing motorcycles – racing into the 125 expert class at the ripe age of 16 to eventually developing his skills of racing motorcycles into selling motorcycles and managing successful sales teams. When not steering the Coyne Powersports ship, you will find Todd at Glen Helen on his Husky FC-450 FE.

Chris Sackett

President of Fasthouse

Prior to becoming President of Fasthouse in Valencia, Chris Sackett started his career working his way up the ranks at a large multi-franchise dealership in Southern California while putting himself through school and racing National Hare & Hounds. A chance encounter led him into the helmet sourcing and OEM MFG business where he worked alongside Bell Helmets as they set their sight on resurging back into the market. What started as a consultant-based relationship with Bell turned into a 17-year career rebuilding one of motorcycling’s largest icons as Vice President of Bell.